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Luke’s love for the Lord shows in every aspect of his young life. He’s a husband, father, businessman and evangelist. He’s very active in his church and shares the gospel to everyone he meets. He’s in it to win it for Indiana. — Mark & Linda Bacon
Self Employed Farmers

I am sure there are parents out there that would be hesitant, even afraid, to endorse their own child for public office. In my case, I am happy to do so. Luke has a heart for all humanity. He doesn’t see color, or station in life. There is purpose in Luke’s life (as with us all), and he realizes it, possibly more than others. After Luke returned from his service in the US Army, he more fully understood the effects that lawmakers have upon our lives. Becoming a husband and father further strengthened his understanding that we, as individuals, must step forward in every aspect, to become involved in the maintenance of our communities, and our state. Luke is the type of person that will reject the glowing adoration that is often projected upon politicians, and will thoughtfully consider any criticism that politicians invariably receive. He realizes that political office is a position in which citizens hire him to guard their freedom, tax money, general safety, and to expose those that don’t. I enthusiastically endorse my son, Luke, for any public office he attempts to serve in, and pray that others will step forward in their respective communities to help turn around what we all know is a serious fight for liberty, and the correction of the many issues plaguing our state and country. — Rebecca Campbell

Luke has the qualities of a fierce leader that will pursue liberty and freedom for all Hoosiers. — Liberty Defense PAC

I am pleased to announce that I stand behind Luke Campbell’s candidacy for State Representative. I’ve known Luke for years, ministered with him, and I know him to be a man of integrity and a godly man. I know there are a lot of liberty minded candidates running around the state and as much as I’m loose friends with some of those people, there are very few people that I would get behind to put my whole heart behind them and say, ‘I endorse that person.’ Luke is one of those very few across the state that I would say that I am behind this person. I know what Luke stands for. I know he will stand for life, liberty, and freedom; I know he will stand for justice; I know he will stand for righteousness, and I know he will stand for what God wants. I know he won’t break when it gets tough. I am thrilled to death that Luke is running! May God bless him for standing up and standing in the gap for our nation and our state! May it be a prophetic word that God makes him the head and not the tail (Duet. 28:13)! — John Jacob
Indiana State Representative, District 93

As Luke Campbell’s pastor, co-labourer and friend, I count it a privilege to endorse a man that understands the principles of Liberty and Freedom, that our fellow citizens of Indiana so desperately need represented in our Statehouse. Luke is a hardworking, well studied, faithful husband, father and Christian. Luke has worked behind the scenes in politics, been on the front lines of helping the impoverished, has advocated for the unborn and continues to minister to the needy of all walks of life. Luke will be breath of fresh air in the statehouse, to combat the stale and stagnant policies that the majority of politicians advocate and maintain today. I look forward to Luke being the next State Representative in Indiana for the 47th district! — Chris Kaiser

I had the honor of serving with Luke while in the US Army in Germany. Luke and I connected immediately mainly in part because we were both from the great state of Indiana. I had the opportunity to take Luke under my wing and watch him grow from brand new Soldier, to a very respectable young man. It was truly an honor wearing the uniform next to him, and I have the utmost confidence Luke will always place the needs of Indiana above his own and put those he represents in a much better place. — Anthony Stewart
US Army (Ret)

I’ve known Luke for over three years. In that time I have learned three things about him: 1. He is a true Christian, a godly man. His wife is a godly woman. When he says he believes something or will do something, he means it! He is not just saying it to get people to like him or vote for him. He stands on the principles of God’s Word. He is a man of character. 2. He is a true Constitutional Conservative. Luke believes that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Laws that disagree with the Constitution are unlawful! He has fought to preserve the Constitution both on the battlefield and in the political arena. He will fight to maintain our God given Constitutional rights. 3. He truly cares. He cares about his town, his State and his Country. He cares about the unborn. He cares about the poor. He cares about sinners. He cares about what is going on in our politics! He will not be a sellout or a RINO. He will represent you and will fight for you. If you want a true Constitutional conservative to represent you, you will not regret voting for Luke. — Michael Thornsley

I still tell people the story about my brother to this day of him coming home from the military after recently being saved. His military friends or who he was overseas with asked him what he was going to do when he got home and he said, “probably watch my sister's kids”, lol! My sister and I were both single moms at the time. Our family has always been close, but we became closer after he was saved. He actually stayed single for a while just so he could help me raise my boys. He is a family man and he has always fought for us, his church and for our country. I love you Luke! — Audrey Wright
HR Manager

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