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Meet Luke

(Luke answers the question: "How are you qualified for this position?")

Luke was radically saved and transformed by Christ in 2004 and has never been the same since. Luke confesses and proclaims that Christ is King and considers Him as the utmost precious relationship he has in this life. He is blessed to be a husband, a father of three boys and leader in his church where he serves as an elder, an evangelist and Sunday School teacher.  Luke was born and raised in Indiana and has worked here most of his life. 

Luke has served the Shelbyville community since he moved to the area in 2009, being a chaplain at the local hospital and ministering on the streets to folks' physical and spiritual needs. He has served Hoosiers and our country for a decade as a soldier in the Army, Army Reserves and National Guard. Luke is a combat veteran who was injured by an IED strike early on in his deployment to Afghanistan. Luke is a patriot who has willingly given his blood for this great country in which he was blessed to be born, and he is excited to be able to serve his fellow Hoosiers again in the Indiana Statehouse, nobly fighting the battles that still need to be fought for Hoosiers daily!

Luke is also an accomplished entrepreneur who has started and managed many businesses, and, being successfully self-employed, he has helped fellow Hoosiers in being financially independent in this way, sacrificing however he can to help them succeed.

Luke is a fighter and he is willing and able to fight for your God-given freedoms by being your Representative in the Indiana Statehouse. Please check out the issues page to learn more about his positions and reach out with any questions you may have!

A vote for Luke Campbell is a sure vote for someone that you can be confident will not be the typical status-quo-politician, but a true Constitutional Statesman that stands for the Rule of Law rather than the "rule of man".

Vote for Luke to bring some encouragement to you and fresh patriotism to the Statehouse this upcoming November!

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